Too GooD to be TRUE

Imagine being able to Repair & Service ALL different types of Electronics Equipment and make enough money. This is all possible when you have the knowledge in Applied Electronics Technology. That is exactly what askmeec will teach you. MEEC offers SKILLS UPGRADING Programme. just askmeec....

We offer attachment to students who wish to pursue practical electronics and computer technology; this includes those who are undertaking basic certificate up through HND to university graduates.

We undertake skills upgrading programme for those who wish to gain knowledge and update in modern technology.

The training programme is conducted by experienced instructors and this has always ensured that the trainees are taken through progressively. We have experienced and dedicated technicians who are assigned to trainees to assist them in their project work.

The company workshop has classrooms and benches for practical use, we have advanced test tools and equipment used for the training purpose.



As the saying goes; Neither fools nor can the learned work without tools”. Tools are a part of success in electronics repair. You will need to invest in tools and test equipment for a successful repair career.

Read and learn more on Tools and Test Equipment by ordering

“the Art of Success in Electronics Profession”

from > MEEC Publications. This book is parked with all types of tools and test equipment and all what you need to know about tools to become a successful electronics service person


MEEC offers a comprehensive online training with referral. Learn electronics at the - comport of your free time.