During the last decade, the number of television stations has increased about tenfold. Millions of TV receivers have been bought in homes, offices, hospitals, schools, entertainment places and many other public and private places in every corner of the region.

Literally, there is millions of TVs in the Global market and the new trend is LCD TVs.

Technicians who are presently earning income by servicing CRT TVs must upgrade their knowledge base to LCD technology right now; otherwise, they might find themselves obsolete. That was what precisely happened when transistor technology replaced the vacuum tube. The technicians who were lethargic enough to ignore the transistor technology when it started coming in, soon found themselves out of the job, outdated by the new semiconductor technology. Make no mistake about it, LCD TV represents as much of advanced electronic technology in relation to CRT TV as transistor was in relation to the vacuum tube.

With the ever evolving technology, this book should be a great help to anyone aspiring to get into LCD TV repair industry. The information is arranged in a practical approach which is certainly the most convenient and worthwhile method of gaining handy knowledge quickly and easily. You will learn how to test LCD components, how each unit works, how to troubleshoot LCD TV circuits, how to identify test points and learn both conventional and contemporary faultfinding procedures.

This book will introduce you to LCD Technology in the first chapters, how each block works and likely failures. In the subsequent chapters you will learn LCD TV component codes and testing. In the last chapters you will learn general faultfinding and troubleshooting LCD TV circuits. 

LCD TV is a revolutionary NEW technology. To migrate from the old-order to the new-order or serve both, this book will hold your hand & walk you through the complexities of this new technology.

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Modern LCD Television Introduction and Troubleshooting


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