Leasing Equipment

MEEC leases out any electronics equipment.

Why you should hire electronics!!!

It is cheaper, convenient... to hire than to buy.


  • No repair headache... no “Oh my God it is not working”.
  • You will keep up with the Technology – without having to sell and buy.
  • No disposal problems
  • You will have a wide range of choice as per the occasion.
  • You are Guaranteed Service with a Serviced and Tested Equipment plus back-up.

Most world Distinguished Persons, Companies, Institutions and Government – don’t buy specialized equipment any more. They lease equipment to help them keep up with a first moving technology.

We lease out:  
Video cameras Photo cameras Filming Lighting System Consumer Electronics
LCD Projectors Public Address Office Equipment etc.

At MEEC we lease-out Electronics Equipment. Our lease-out prices are nominal. Once you lease from us, you will forget buying your own equipment because you own the diverse choice that we have.

You want to do Video Filming? Video Editing? > Video production? Just askmeec!






As the saying goes; Neither fools nor can the learned work without tools”. Tools are a part of success in electronics repair. You will need to invest in tools and test equipment for a successful repair career.

Read and learn more on Tools and Test Equipment by ordering

“the Art of Success in Electronics Profession”

from > MEEC Publications. This book is parked with all types of tools and test equipment and all what you need to know about tools to become a successful electronics service person


MEEC offers a comprehensive online training with referral. Learn electronics at the - comport of your free time.

Video Production

We repair, service and maintain all types of Consumer Electronics,such as: CRT-LCD-PLASMA TVs, Computer Monitors, LCD Projectors, CD-VCD-DVD decks, Music Systems, Home-Theatre, Photo-Video Cameras, Microwave Oven cetera.


Is your Equipment not working or malfunctioning, askmeec

Repair Electronics like a Professional by using CIRCUIT DIGARAMS & Service MANUALS <> askmeec