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Site Services

We provide on-site repairs and service with our mobile workstation, without having to bring your item to the workshop.

Modern electronics are integrated, compacted and very fragile. Transporting them to workstation is risky and unnecessary endeavor. With this in mind, that’s where MEEC On-site / Home Services comes in. You no longer need to carry your item to workstations anymore. Just call MEEC and the services will be brought to where you are, at the comfort of your home or office.


Home Services

There is no place you would rather be than home, because home is where your heart is, home is where you rejuvenate, and home is where all your hard earned property is. Your home is your biggest investment, and keeping it in tip-top shape not only helps you relax and enjoy your time at home, it also helps protect your investment.

It can take a lot of time and effort to keep up with the work around the house, and that is where we come in. MEEC Home Services will help you delegate the tasks you choose to the best professionals. Whether you need your washing machine repaired or replaced and installed or your Microwave Oven, LCD TV repaired or serviced, MEEC Home Services is your partner. We offer all sorts of installation, repair, maintenance, assembly, and consultation jobs with the highest rated professionals. That way, you will find the right professional, at the right price, to do the work right where you are. MEEC is just a phone call away!

Our Professionals are well Vetted and we take full Responsibility of their Service. No Snooping! No Spying! Trust MEEC.

We provide on-site repairs & service with our mobile Workstation, without having to bring your item to the workshop

MEEC has specialties Divisions to address Diversity of Electronics Technology:

Industrial & Hospital Lab Equipment Commercial & Office Equipment Consumer & Home Equipment


We Repair and Service the following Equipment


Industrial & Hospital Lab Equipment Commercial & Office Equipment Consumer & Home Equipment
PLCs, Process Control Contraptions, 3 Phase Motor Control Circuits, Analyzers, Incubators, et cetera. CRT-LCD-PLASMA TVs, Computers, Computer Monitors, LCD Projectors, HiFi-Home Theatre, et cetera. Computer – PC Laptop, Printers, Scanners, Photocopier, Paper Shredders, Water Dispensers, et cetera.

Outstanding Electronic Appliance Services

MEEC On-Site Services is your reliable provider of outstanding electronics Maintenance, repair & Service. We fix ALL Home & Office Equipment. We track down hard-to-find replacement parts for your faulty electronic devices.

MEEC re-manufactures hard to find or/and obsolete parts to give your equipment a new lease of life.

Have Your Home Electronics Needs Addressed!!!

Call MEEC today for all you home electronics repair and maintenance needs. We will make sure that all the problems regarding your equipment are dealt with in a professional manner. We offer free in-shop estimates, pick-up and delivery services, and in-home repair services for your convenience.

Don’t through away your equipment because a particular control unit has failed and you can’t get the spare. MEEC re-manufactures the part to give the equipment a new lease of life.

Dependable Electronics Services

When you need reliable Electronics repair & service at Home, contact MEEC Home Electronics technicians.

We don’t just repair and keep on repairing. We honestly give you a truthful opinion.

We install access control systems which are highly sophisticated but dependable to enable full security to the secured entrances.


We repair, service and maintain all types of Office Electronics, such as: Computers > PCs & Laptops, Computer Monitors, Photocopiers, Printers, Scanners, Gym Equipment, etc.


Call Consumer Division for Repair of your HOME Equipment and/or Office Division for Repair of your OFFICE Equipment


Do you have equipment that requirescalibration, factory settings, waveform analysis, troubleshooting chart, etc? <>You need a service manual. Just askmeec....


As the saying goes; Neither fools nor can the learned work without tools”. Tools are a part of success in electronics repair. You will need to invest in tools and test equipment for a successful repair career.

Read and learn more on Tools and Test Equipment by ordering

“the Art of Success in Electronics Profession”

from > MEEC Publications. This book is parked with all types of tools and test equipment and all what you need to know about tools to become a successful electronics service person


MEEC offers a comprehensive online training with referral. Learn electronics at the - comport of your free time.

Security Services

We install access control systems which are highly sophisticated but dependable to enable full security to the secured entrances.

Video Production

We specialize in:
Video Filming & editing services for Corporate, Business, Individual and personal projects > askmeec

Video Production

We repair, service and maintain all types of Consumer Electronics,such as: CRT-LCD-PLASMA TVs, Computer Monitors, LCD Projectors, CD-VCD-DVD decks, Music Systems, Home-Theatre, Photo-Video Cameras, Microwave Oven cetera.

Security Services


Access Control & Surveillance System <> askmeec


We offer skills upgrading programme

Lectures on electronics on various subjects

Just askmeec....


Is your Equipment not working or malfunctioning, askmeec

Repair Electronics like a Professional by using CIRCUIT DIGARAMS & Service MANUALS <> askmeec


We lease out:             video cameras, photo cameras, Lighting System, LCD Projectors, Public Address equipment, Office Equipment, Consumer Electronics etc.

MEEC is a phone call away.

Just trust MEEC to askmeec.

Home & Office Refurbishing

We repair, service and maintain all types of consumer electronics, such as: Television, Computer Monitors, Projectors, Compact Disk Systems, Music Systems, Home-Theatre, Cameras, et cetera.