On-Line Consultation

OnLine Consultation


On-Line Consultation can be offered to a DIY Layman, Apprentice Technician, Consummate Technician, Electronics Engineer or even an enthusiast person.

askmeec offers consultation on all services and after service enquiries. Including: Industrial electronics, Office Machines, Consumer Electronics etc..


Industrial & Hospital Equipment Division


We offer consultation on all Industrial & Hospital Lab Equipment, such as, PLCs, Process Control Contraptions, 3 Phase Motor Control Circuits, Analyzers, Incubators, et cetera.


Commercial & Office Equipment Division


We offer consultation on all Commercial & Office Equipment, such as, Computer – PC Laptop, Printers, Scanners, Photocopier, Paper Shredders, Water Dispensers, et cetera.


Consumer & Home Electronics Division


We offer consultation on all Consumer & Home Electronics, such as, CRT-LCD-PLASMA TVs, Computer Monitors, LCD Projectors, HiFi-Home Theatre, et cetera. 


askmeec offers a personalized help on Electronics Repair and Service through phone call, sms, WhatsApp, email or mail. The assistance may include consultation, guidance, clarification, answers and any other form of assistance that may be needed. The assistance may in some cases include schematics, graphics and any other form of drawing that may be considered necessary.


askmeec can help you lease (hire) equipment e.g. Public Address, Projectors, Video Camera, and Large Screen LCD TV Screen etc.

askmeec can also help you buy a genuine Equipment e.g. Electronics, Electricals etc. with a one to three year warranty.


askmeec is just a phone call away from you.