Industrial Equipment Service, Repair, Refurbishment, and Maintenance

MEEC philosophy focuses on developing mutual trust with our customers and suppliers through adhering to the highest ethical standards & principles.

MEEC contains an element of Spirit, and enterprise of achievement through grit and determination, coupled with a vision and meticulous planning. MEEC offers professional, qualitative and reliable Products and Services.

MEEC provides all the necessary professional advice and technical support as in product certifications and testing when required as part of our commitment to our customers.

MEEC equipped with highly technical support team to service your equipment warranties and repair needs. We service Power Generators, Load Testing Service, Power Tools, Forklifts, Compressors, Water Pumps, Cleaning Equipment. . .

MEEC Services provides in-house and on-site service, repair and   refurbishment of industrial equipment. We are expert at equipment installation and commissioning. Regularly scheduled maintenance is a proven strategy to keep your industrial equipment assets running at peak performance for the greatest return on your investment.

MEEC service contract offers you priority service and a timely preventive maintenance schedule that minimizes downtime due to equipment inefficiency or failure.

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Service Contracts

Service contracts benefit our customers by providing them with a priority status when scheduling Technicians to work at their facilities. This eliminates the time and resources needed to submit and process Service orders and allows faster response time, especially in emergency breakdown situations.

Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Customers who wish to proactively ensure that their production is not interrupted by a machine breakdown would benefit from this type of service. MEEC ensures machinery is functioning to peak levels and at factory specifications. This work can be scheduled at off-production times such as scheduled shutdowns and weekends, allowing maximum productivity when in full operation.

Site Services

With our focus on customer service, MEEC's seasoned team of field engineers is willing and available to travel to customer sites, avoiding costly delays and extended machine downtime.


MEEC offers expert service and maintenance of industrial equipment. These services include troubleshooting and debugging of machine hardware, PLC code, and tooling.

We will work with you from concept through production to help you develop your equipment and define your production process. Whether it's a metal punch, transmission filter, carbon canister, Induction Capsealer or child's toy, we can re-design and fabricate the right machine and fixture for you.


MEEC dynamically re-manufactures the beyond repair equipment to the normal working condition - which is the most affordable alternative to a new equipment purchase.

The extensive experience of our personnel enables us to rebuild, refurbish or retrofit pre-owned equipment, whether our customers purchased it or they asked us to locate it.

Equipment Service

Service contracts are available to customers that want the peace of mind to have someone on call to repair and maintain their equipment.

Replacement parts necessary to complete a repair are obtained from the appropriate OEM supplier, our spare parts inventory, or trusted vendor. 

MEEC is company founded on experience and passion for repairing, servicing, and refurbishing industrial equipment and its support technologies, including automation and quality assurance testing stations. We are flexible, cooperative, creative and responsive.


MEEC is not only expert at refurbishing and repairing industrial equipment, but we also have an excellent reputation for our ability to train your maintenance staff (Applied Skills Upgrading) at your facility or ours.

Training subject areas include but aren't limited to troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, Electronics circuit repairs Techniques, etc. Check out our Applied Skills upgrading Programme today!

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